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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

“We get your Carpet Clean and Keep it Clean”

Have you ever thought about what lives in your carpet? 
That’s right – you could be standing on years of built-up grime, dirt and dust.

CleanWorks removes soils and stains using the most advanced commercial cleaning equipment available. Nothing is more destructive to rugs and carpeting than the grime that is deposited daily by regular use. 

The soil remains until “We Get It Clean and Keep It Clean.” 

Foot traffic and improper or insufficient cleaning will shorten the life of your carpet and area rugs. Unless cleaned regularly, all indoor carpet and area rugs quickly become drab, dirty and worn-looking. Uniformed CleanWorks trained technicians know this and dramatically transform dirty carpet and area rugs back to clean, fresh, revitalized floor coverings that make a good impression.

Our services include:

  • Free written estimate
  • No hidden charges
  • Technicians in uniform
  • Expertise in cleaning difficult fabrics
  • A nose for odor removal
  • We handle any size cleaning job
  • Certified & insured for your protection
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee

Prepare for our visit:

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. First Step – Customer walk-through to point out potential problem areas to our carpet cleaning technician.  He may need to pre-treat certain spots and allow some dwell-time.
  2. Second Step – Pre-treat all carpet with a detergent solution that is safe for modern stain-resistant carpets.  This pre-treatment is designed to get the carpet fiber to let go of the embedded soil.
  3. Third Step – Depending on the amount of soil, the appropriate cleaning tool is used to flush out the detergents and soil.  It is immediately extracted by the cleaning tool by powerful vacuum blowers that are powered by the engine of the van.  These blowers removed as much as 95% of the water used during the cleaning process.  This allows drying times from 1 hour in the drier winter months to perhaps 4-5 hours in the more humid months.
  4. Fourth StepNEW & SAFE Green Fiber Sealant is applied, if desired.  This is a product that replenishes the stain protection your carpet had when it was new.  The carpet mills recognize that this protection wears off with the passage of time and foot traffic.  Therefore, they license us to re-apply their product.  This product is an additional 40% of the carpet cleaning cost and it comes with our 12 Month Spot & Spill Warranty:  We will give you a FREE bottle of spot remover and for the next 12 months after your carpet cleaning, if you are unable to remove spots and spills with the spot remover we will come to your home and attempt to remove it for FREE, no strings attached! (See Below)
  5. Fifth Step – Groom the carpet using a special carpet rake.  This helps the carpet dry quicker and without matting the fiber.


We use van-mounted professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment.  Hot water extraction is the carpet cleaning method recommended by the major carpet mills.  In fact, the exact equipment we use is certified at the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Gold Level Standard.

A lot of companies talk about their equipment, and ours is great, but it’s the cleaning technician that really does the work.  Any carpet cleaning technician that comes to your home is certified by the IICRC, which is the international certification body for the carpet cleaning industry.  This is a voluntary certification – there is no law that carpet cleaners be certified – but we feel strongly that it improves the quality of the job.

Please vacuum the carpet prior to our arrival.  We CAN vacuum when we arrive but we have found most homeowners would rather do it themselves instead of paying us to do so.  On the average, our charge to vacuum the house is around $45.

CleanWorks make sure that all ingrained carpet and rug soil is removed and disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are unhappy with our professional cleaning services, we will re-clean absolutely free.


Are carpet protection products a waste of money?

From the perspective of being inside the carpet cleaning industry, we can tell you that there is a plethora of choices when it comes to stain protection products that we can resell to you, the consumer. We are all familiar with the 2 major brand names, because they have been manufactured by 2 enormous multi-national chemical manufacturing corporations: Dupont Teflon and 3M Scotchguard.  Both of these chemicals are basically the same in terms of their purpose – (1) don’t let stuff soak into the carpet fiber when things are spilled on it and (2) the lesser known purpose is protect the fiber from abrasion on a microscopic level so that traffic lanes are slower to form. Both of these products have performed admirably over the years.

We have done many before and after tests of what happens when you spill something on unprotected carpet versus protected carpet. However, in recent years, these products have come under fire for being very, very slow to break down in the environment, and slow to break down in our bodies. When we found this out, we backed away from its use, to protect ourselves and our customer. Well, fortunately, partially as a response to this, other manufacturer have stepped up with innovative alternatives that are green for the environment, yet still effective. One product in particular provides protection against sun fading and UV damage, liquid spills, food stains, including oils, and is water based, non-flammable, and has no off-gassing or toxic chemicals. We have enough confidence in it that we are rolling out our 12 month Spot & Spill Warranty again for customers who choose to have their carpet protected. Here’s how it works –

Green Fiber Sealant – Starting at $99

(40% of Carpet Cleaning Cost minimum of $99 – and worth every penny)

If CleanWorks cleans your carpet and applies our new ‘green’ fiber protection, we will also offer the following:

  • 12 month Spot and Spill Warranty
  • A bottle of our spot remover, with UNLIMITED REFILLS for a year
The warranty states that if you can’t remove any spots or spills from the carpet with our spot remover, we will come out FREE for A YEAR and attempt spot removal – NO CHARGE! The only exclusion is pet stains.      

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Van-mounted hot water extraction is the industry standard for carpet cleaning.

However the pertinent question is ‘In south central Indiana, Which company that uses hot water extraction with van-mounted equipment is the best?’

Learn the best questions to ask in this article.

It is possible to damage carpet during the cleaning process, either from over-wetting, the use of improper cleaning agents, or the use of improper cleaning equipment.

Carpet is one of the more expensive single items you will purchase for your home. It makes sense to be diligent about its maintenance.

Learn more in this article.

A:  Unlike some other cleaning methods that can leave behind soil-attracting residues, our cleaning program will actually extend the life and appearance of the carpet. 

A: Carpet manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming to remove particulate soil. Consider removing your shoes in the house to also minimize particulate soil. Also, we can re-apply fiber protection to your carpet. Time and traffic cause the protection your carpet originally had to wear off. 

A:  The cleaning technician doing the work is the key to safe and effective cleaning.  Dry powder cleaning can use harsh chemical solvents mixed with gritty products that can build up in your carpet causing excessive soiling and indoor air pollution.  Carbonated chemical dry cleaning with a bonnet uses an abrasive spinning pad that can cause carpet to lose its texture and appearance.  Dry foam cleaning uses optical brighteners to “hide”, not remove soil, leaving a chemical residue.  Rapid re-soiling and an unhealthy indoor environment can result from high residues with these methods.

A:  Our cleaning depends primarily upon natural hot water and high extraction.  We thus eliminate the need for excessive and aggressive chemicals, solvents, and harsh scrubbing.  We use Tests have proven that our method leaves the absolute least amount of residue so there is no threat of premature wear, contamination, or re-soiling.  We only use professional bio-degradable agents that are safe for us, for our customer, and easy on our environment.

A:  We know choosing a cleaner is important to you.  We are committed to providing the best job in town.  We guarantee our work.  We are internationally trained and certified.  We attend professional schools to keep up with the latest in cleaning techniques.  Most importantly, we treat our customers as friends.  We want you to be satisfied and feel confident enough to refer us to your neighbors.

Q: We are definitely concerned with the safety of your pets and kids. But we are also concerned about the safety of our team. For that reason, we only use cleaning agents that are safe for use. Keep in mind, too, that our cleaning method leaves virtually no residue behind.

A: We guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with our professional cleaning services or we will re-clean for free – no service charge, no questions asked.

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