Filtration Soil – What It Is & How To Eliminate It

What are these dark lines in my carpet around the floor boards and how do I get rid of them?

This is something we see frequently in homes and it actually has more to do with the air quality and construction of the building than the number of dogs or children they have. When the cool air in your home sinks, it moves under doorways, around furniture, between baseboards, and actually filters itself through the carpet fibers; over time this leaves behind visible particles that are particularly oily and hard to remove. This is called filtration soil.

Filtration soil collects around baseboards, doorways, etc.

So how do you get filtration soil out of your carpet, especially in that corner where the wall and carpet meet? There’s an “edger” tool specifically designed to clean that last inch that other tools are not able to reach. Hardly anyone actually takes the time to use this tool and most companies don’t even have one. This edger tool combined with a special cleaning agent is that extra step that we take to ensure high quality carpet cleaning for our customers.

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