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Fire + Smoke

Fire + Smoke

“We take fire & smoke serious”

Our services include:

  • Free written estimate
  • No hidden charges
  • Technicians in uniform
  • Expertise in cleaning difficult fabrics
  • A nose for odor removal
  • We handle any size cleaning job
  • Certified & insured for your protection
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee

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Fire + Smoke FAQ's

A: Every job is different, but the basic checklist is:

  1. Perform emergency services, such as structural drying, temporary roof repairs, and board up windows and doors to secure the structure from the elements and trespassers. Consider this PHASE 1.
  2. Generate a Scope of Work for the CLEANUP portion of the job, which consists of all of the steps and processes required to get the STRUCTURE to the point that normal construction processes can begin. Call this PHASE 2. If insurance is involved, we will coordinate with your insurance adjuster to arrive at an accurate scope of work.  However, this list of things that need done can change during the course of the project. It is our responsibility to communicate these revisions to the adjuster. Additionally, if furniture and other CONTENTS are involved, we will begin the process of inventory, packing and moving the contents to our secure facility. There, they will be processed, cleaned as needed, and stored until the end of the project.
  3. From the Cleanup Scope of Work, PRICING is generated. We use the same estimating software that most of the insurance companies use, to make sure we are not charging more than they will pay. We want to make sure your deductible is you only out-of-pocket expense.
  4. Next, we generate a Scope of Work for the CONSTRUCTION portion of the claim. This is PHASE 3. Again, if insurance is involved we will coordinate with the insurance adjuster to determine what work is to be performed.
  5. As the next part of phase 3, we will generate PRICING based on the Scope of Work we have created for the construction portion of the claim. Again, we are using the same estimating system used by most insurance companies, to make sure our pricing is not higher than what they will pay.

A: Not necessarily. You definitely want to notify your insurance company quickly and get a claim filed. However, insurance adjusters will come to your house Monday-Friday, during working hours. We offer 24/7 response. This allows us to begin the emergency services, such as structural drying, temporary roof repairs to keep the elements out, and board up services to secure the structure and anything inside until the insurance company can be onsite. After your deductible is met, all of these services are typically covered on a homeowners policy.

A: No. Insurance companies may have ‘preferred vendors’, with which they may have negotiated lower prices. However, your policy will not require that you use a vendor of the insurance company’s choosing. In the end, it is YOUR house and YOUR choice. Our responsibility is open communication with the insurance adjuster during the claims process to make sure the your deductible is your only out-of-pocket expense. The only additional costs should be agreed upon in advance, such as upgrades to the structure that are outside the original scope of work.

A: If you have insurance coverage, the simple answer is ‘whatever your deductible amount is’. If you decide to have additional work performed during the course of the project, these costs would also be your responsibility. For example, maybe you decided during the course of construction to install wood flooring in the living room instead of replacing the carpet. The cost DIFFERENCE would be your responsibility and we keep track of this for you, letting you know IN ADVANCE what that difference will be.

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