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24 Hour Emergency Boardup

24 Hour Emergency Boardup

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“We are on-site within 24 hours of calling our 24/7 emergency response division”

When faced with storm damage, fire damage, or water damage, frequently emergency temporary repairs are required.

For instance, a drunk driver drove through the front of a home in Columbus. While waiting for investigations by the authorities and inspections by the insurance company, the repairs might not be able to begin for days or even weeks. Enter CleanWorks. We secured the building, protecting it from the elements and making the home livable until permanent repairs can begin.

Or what about the massive oak tree that falls on a house in Brown County? CleanWorks was there again. We removed the tree with the use of a boom truck and temporarily tarped the roof until insurance could inspect the loss. While completing temporary repairs, we professionally dried the structure to prevent mold growth and odors in the future. We can even do the framing repairs to the roof and install new shingles!

One of our other customers was the victim of vandals. They broke every window in his house. CleanWorks helped again. New windows take weeks to arrive. We temporarily boarded up all of his windows so the home would be secure from the elements and trespassers.

If you or someone you love has any need for emergency temporary repairs, contact us 24 hours/ 365 days per year. We can work with your insurance company if needed. We have processed thousands of insurance claims. AND, we are local.

Our services include:

  • Free written estimate
  • No hidden charges
  • Technicians in uniform
  • Expertise in cleaning difficult fabrics
  • A nose for odor removal
  • We handle any size cleaning job
  • Certified & insured for your protection
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee

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24 Hour Emergency Boardup FAQ's

A: Yes we can. We use the proper cleaning agents, combined with agitation and high water pressure

A: Yes we can. Over time, algae and fungus can accumulate on your deck, making it slippery and unsightly. We use the right combination of cleaning agents, agitation, and water pressure to bring the life back to your deck. Then, we can apply any number of treatments to keep it looking nice.

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