What To Do When Water Damage Strikes

“There’s water everywhere!”

water damage restoration

Maybe you weren’t prepared for that freezing cold night, and a frozen pipe lead to disaster. Maybe your sump pump failed during a storm, and water has collected in your basement or crawlspace. Whatever the case, there are a few steps that homeowners should take as soon as they realize that a water damage has occurred.

Step #1: Stop the water

If the water is coming from a broken or damaged pipe – which could be underneath a toilet or sink, connected to a dishwasher or washing machine, or exposed in a basement or crawlspace  – find the appropriate water shutoff valve to temporarily stop the flow. This will make sure no more is being added to the existing water damage, and will allow you to take control of the situation. If there is electrical wiring nearby, you may also need to turn off the electricity to the wet area using your fuse box.

Step #2: Call a plumber

Once the flow of water has been stopped, call a licensed plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible if the leak is the result of a plumbing malfunction (rather than external flooding). Fixing the source of the leak is always top priority, and is especially important if you are unable to access the water shutoff valve yourself.

Step #3: Call your insurance agent or claims line

Most homeowner’s insurance covers internal water damage, however flooding from outside sources often requires additional coverage. Check with your agent to see if you’re covered for flood and for how much, and if necessary, start the process to file a claim. This will allow the assigned claims adjuster and/or your agent to help you through the cleanup process AND get accurate documentation before work begins, and they can even often recommend contractors that they have successfully used for similar situations in the past.

Step #4: Call a certified water damage professional

The state of Indiana requires no official license for water damage restoration technicians. However, this makes it even more imperative that you thoroughly check out any company that you are considering for your restoration needs. Reputable companies should have technicians that are IICRC Certified for water remediation, which ensures that they have the training and experience necessary to do the job right.

Water damage panic? Give CleanWorks a call.

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